Taxation Advisory & Compliance Services

We offer a flexible and full range of tax services along with accounting services to businesses de-pending on the unique needs and actual conditions of the business.
Our full range of tax compliance services includes:
Company Income Tax – it is important for a company to manage its income tax requirement effi-ciently. We advise and assist you on the various aspects of taxes including tax deductions and tax strategies that work best for your company!
Goods and services Tax (GST) registration and filing – Businesses in Singapore needs to register for Goods and Servcies Tax (GST) which is also known as Value-Added Tax (VAT) in some countries once their revenue hits S$ 1 million (One Million Singapore Dollar). Once registered, GST must be filed quarterly. We can take care of GST registration, computation, quarterly filing, deregistration and exemption (depends on allowable exemption criteria).
Personal Income Tax – We also offer personal tax filing for locals and expatriates who may need assistance with their complex tax compliance and deductable calculation.
Stamp Duty Filing – Stamp Duty is a tax on dutiable documents relating to immovable properties in Singapore and stocks and shares. We provide E-Stamping Services for our clients.
Withholding Tax – Under Singapore law, a person (known as the Payer) who makes payment(s) of a specified nature (e.g. Royalty, Interest, Technical Service Fee, etc.) to a non-resident company or individual (known as Payee) is required to withhold a percentage of that payment and pay the amount withheld (called ‘Withholding Tax’) to the government (Inland Revenue Authority of Sin-gapore) IRAS
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